Eminence organic facials


Our facials are formulated and customized for your skin type using Éminence handmade, organic skin-care products. We do not choose your products, they choose you. Natural ingredients are potent and they give beautiful lasting results for a clear, balanced, revitalized and naturally glowing complexion.


Eminence Organic Customized Facial 70 min


Experience mother nature at her best. Using stimulating exotic spices and fruits from around the world, this facial will increase circulation and exfoliate dry, dehydrated skin. It is customized for both men and women, and for all skin types. The organic ingredients have an incredibly fresh aroma, and have natural, pure vitamin infusions and high bioflavonoid content. The selection addresses a variety of skin concerns, such as premature aging, sun damage and loss of vitality, tone and radiance. This facial leaves your skin smooth and detoxified, inside and out.


Eminence Organic Express Facial (Teen) 30 min

A perfect pick me up for your lunch hour. If you are considering changing your skin regime this treatment will introduce you to Eminence Organic Skincare.


Eminence Organic Yam & Pumpkin Facial Peel 30 min

This one-of-a-kind facial peel exfoliates without irritation, deeply hydrates to plump the skin and infuses it with active vitamins and bioflavonoids. Your skin will look firm and radiant and will have increased elasticity!


LED Treatment 40 or 85 min

This light emitting diode treatment benifits include:


  • keeps skin stronger, longer
  • engages cell memory, what does this mean? with each treatment session your skin will start to feel firmer, brighter, clearer
  • increases cellular turnover, what does this mean? skin naturally regenerates, speeds up the natural reparative process of the epidermis
  • kills bacteria, the cause of many acneic breakouts, on a cellular level
  • anti-aging because it changes the metabolism of the skin, increases collagen production, lifts, firms and strengthens the capillaries, when you do this you prevent rosacea or redness from worsening and decreasing skin sensitivity
  • for best results LED facials can be purchased in a series. 


Lip Firming and Smoothing Treatment

This intense lip treatment is just what you've been looking for.  With this add on service, your lips will come out feeling and looking softer, smoother and simply luscious.


Corrective Eye Treatment

This all organic eye treatment can handle all your eye concerns, from crows feet to dehydration or dark circles under the eye.





What is done during a Customized Organic Facial?


The facial will begin with a skin analysis and a conversation about what skin concerns you would like to address. With these concerns in mind, the Spa Therapist will select the exfoliant(s), masques and moisturizer(s) for your facial from our selection of Eminence organic skincare products. 


Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, treated and loved with a blend of amazing products. Extractions may also be included when necessary. 


Your hands, arms, neck, shoulders, face and scalp will be massaged during the treatment to help relive tensions and relax underlying muscles to smooth out and help prevent signs of aging.


We are always delighted to talk about skin care and to help you build an at home regime so that you can take your spa experience home with you!





* wayspa gift certificates are redeemable for facials and body treatments only, no exceptions.


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