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At Daya Spa, we believe that balance between beauty and sustainability is not only possible, but desirable. Here, well-being is enhanced through extraordinary natural products and spa services delivered in a chemical-free and sustainable environment.

We choose our products with mindfulness and compassion for all living things. This includes certified organic and natural skin-care lines as well as organic and natural hair care, nail care, and makeup.

Sustainability Efforts

Our spa design and operations are sustainable and chemical-free, featuring natural materials, recycled materials, natural fibres and a focus on minimizing waste. Our sustainable choices include:


  • use and sell only organic skin-care, body-care, hair care, and cosmetics products


  • marmoleum flooring
  • recycled wood for all furniture
  • eco printing (vegetable ink, recycled paper)
  • environmentally friendly cleaning supplies including laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, recycled toilet paper, floor cleaners
  • peaksaver thermostat
  • use only organic textiles


  • energy-efficient light bulbs
  • appliances on power bars that are switched off completely at night
  • reduce the amount of paper used in our promotions through the use of email and online advertising
  • recycle and compost – in addition to recycling skin care product containers, we recycle paper and glass in the spa
  • use 100% recycled brown paper and compostable shopping bags
  • the spa includes many live plants to naturally improve air quality
  • do not use disposable flip-flops


  • we support green initiatives in our local community

Learn more about our story and why our spa is organic.